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A welcome female addition to the usual boys club of Electronic producers, Bristol based musician, producer and visual artist Kayla Painter has spent the last few years carving a solid reputation herself around Bristol and the South West with her distinctive, layered soundscapes and compositions.

Heavily influenced by Bristol’s legendary bass heritage, Kayla’s sound draws from techno, garage and post dub but hastily deconstructs and re-contextualises her influences into fascinating, complex and beautiful new forms.  She crafts her experimental soundscapes from intriguing and restless rhythms, surging deep bass lines and warm washes of cloudy ambience.  This is complemented by her hypnotising visual show which acts as the perfect companion to her engrossing aural assault.

After self-releasing her eponymous debut EP in 2012 to a warm reception she went on to play renowned festivals such as; Pulse, Simple Things, Supernormal and Dot to Dot. Building on this continuing success she played support slots for HK119, Barbara Morgenstern, Patten, Nite Jewel, Blondes, and the legendary Afrika Bambaataa.

2013 saw the release of A Very New Everything via the London based Bit-Phalanx label.

2014 began with Kayla expanding her live set to include visual artist Jason Baker, (who also produced the video to her single Railway Lines).  Jason crafts live visuals for Kayla’s set, drawing on themes and aesthetics seen in her artwork.  The duo are currently experimenting with their live show and have recently performed with a dual screen setup that creates a beautiful and immersive depth.


Kayla Painter    EP 2012 (self release)

Kayla Painter     EP remastered 2013 (Bit-Phalanx)

A Very New Everything    EP 2013 (Bit-Phalanx)

Railway Lines    Single 2014 (self release)


Live bookings: Rob McGee

+44 (0) 7446 823 550

rob [ at ] electricharmonymusic [dot] com

DJ set:

To book for a DJ set please contact kayla direct : miss.kayla.painter [at] gmail.com


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