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Remix EP

I thought it was time to put out a Remix collection.
So here it is, just in time for Christmas, a three track free EP.
I’ve remixed Bristol musicians and explored styles I don’t usually fully immerse myself in with my original music. close your eyes and turn up the volume.

Happy Christmas


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A balloon has been spotted above Montpelier.

A Balloon with the KP logo on it has been spotted flying high over Bristol. 

KP Blimp

People have been asking ‘what does it mean?’
and its caused an awful lot of fuss.

the bottom line is.
i’m releasing a single in November.


keep your ears out.


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Howling Owl’s 3rd birthday party!

Last night I played at Centrespace gallery to celebrate Howling Owl’s 3rd Birthday , alongside Falling Stacks and Oliver Wilde.

And it was great.

Howling Owl






Above: Kayla Painter, Falling Stacks, Oliver Wilde at Centrespace gallery.

Photos: James Hankins

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Last gig of the week, last night.. @ The Birdcage.



photo 1

photo 2

Thanks to Jason for the visuals.
Pictures from Twitter: @EHarmony and @NoftheN & Amy Yon

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A Very New Everything, teaser

here’s a little sneak peek

EP teaser.

design- JamesNathan Illustration

EP out April 2013. Bit-Phalanx.

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Sunday 10th June – The Croft, Bristol

Its been a little while since my last post.  (As I seem to be getting in the habit of going on little jaunts to Europe after a busy gigging week, I have arrived back and feel refreshed.)
The last gig I did before I disappeared was the one at The Croft with Vibratronic, Microdeform and Spaces Between.  This was a wicked night, really chilled sunday of live music.  I was blown away by Liam McConaghy’s (Microdeform) set, and was very surprised to hear this was his first gig as this particular set up.  Me and James were getting into the vibe of what he was doing so much that James took some pics of his set up so we could later argue about which sounds where coming from what.

First up was Spaces Between, who I have shared a stage with before at a Drawn recordings Event back in February.  He’s changed his live set up dramatically from when we last played and now is using a guitar and multiple pedals, created some really nice sounds or noise however you want to look at it.

Then we had Microdeform

myself..doing my usual thing..

and of course the wonderful Vibratronic,

Was a real pleasure to play this gig, thanks a lot to Vibratronic for providing the promo and making it a wicked night.  Really hope to be on a stage with all or any of the people from this night, was a blast.

Photos from James Nathaniel Southall: blog

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