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This week is a busy one for me.

I’m excited to do my second performance as part of a new project (Only You Can Reset It) tonight, at The Island, Bristol.

Only You Can Reset it first appeared in October 2013 as part of a pop up record shop, and are returning with a fuller sound and a more developed set.  We are Kayla Painter and Jon Worsley, and we take influence from all the music people.  People have said it sounds like: experimental cheesecake, Modeselector, Thom Yorke, Lakota @ 3am, January never ends so stay indoors and make some sweet music.  Happy with the feedback we have received we’re looking to expand on what we’re doing and you’ll hear more from us very soon.

If your intrigued to hear what KP and Jilk sound like in a lasagne together, come along to the Island tonight.  Its free entry, suggested donation of £3 is welcome but not forced, and its not deemed (even by our social standards) as rude if you don’t want to donate.

You’ll also be delighted to hear some experimental auditory ness from Seth Cooke & Dominic Lash, and Timothy C Holehouse & Raxil4.  Henry Lee Colins (aka Shitmat) has curated the night and will be joining in opening with a half an hour set.

Hope to see you there.

Times as follows:

1800-1830 – Shitmat

1830-1915 – Only You Can Reset it

1930-2000 – Seth Cooke and Dominic Lash

2015-2100 – Timothy C Holehouse and Raxil4


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A Very New Everything – artwork reveal

Cover image    cover image 2

cover image 3

cover image 4

As my music is very visual, the artwork was just as important as the audio.  I chose to use images I’d taken whilst travelling around Scotland for the EP artwork, somewhere which can look very baron and harsh, a landscape that could easily be another planet, paired with a reference to The Prisoner (70s TV show).  I have also took on the task of expanding the visual side live, by working with some visual artists who shared my vision and helped me realise it in a live context.

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come to the pom pom party

Im playing a show on Friday at Start The Bus.

Facebook Event


Crisis Project


and supporting Blondes


so lots of boys laptops and leads. (and me just looking really out of place. )

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London show

On Tuesday I am playing in Londons Babble Jar supporting some wonderful artists. 
HK119 being one of them! This is the start of my new EP emerging through live sets. 

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A Very New Everything – new release 2013.

I have a new release coming out soon through Bit-Phalanx.
It’s going to be available as a free download, and there will also be a handful of hard copies for the physical peeps out there.
Influence on this record from Burial, Nicolas Jaar, Janek Schaefer, and a little bit of Apparat.

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Drawn Recordings 02.08.2012

What a gig.
Played at Mr Wolfs, Bristol.

I started the night off with some of my usual blip blip beep boom boom de dum dum dum.

T-toe. no shoes.


Materia. Globular midi controller!

The good photos are courtesy  of Jan Warnstam, thanks. The bad ones are from my phone. my iphone. showing me up again.
Oh what a night.

Materia can be found: http://www.materiamusic.com/

T-toe can be found: http://t-toe.net/

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No Need To Shout Presents.. – Start The Bus 11.07.2012

Tomorrow I’ll be playing a set down at Start The Bus on Corn Street.  Start The bus is a nice place to hang out. Going to be sharing the stage with these folks:

Katie Sky

Nicholas Krgovich

and Nite Jewel

Looking forward to seeing you there! Anyone that wants to join email me your names for entrance on a £5 cheaplist. missDOTkaylaDOTpainter@gmailDOTcom .
Facebook event can be found here.

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New track, Remix of ‘Time’ by Chase and Status Feat. Delilah.

For the past week I’ve wanted to start something new and fresh to blast out any cobwebs.  I started to make a tune and realised i’d written the same melody as the Chase and Status track ‘Time’ feat. Delilah.  As i’d written this unintentionally I decided it might be a good idea to just work with the tune and remix the melody rather than work against it, when it was clearly coming out of me anyway.

So I just made a throw away version of it myself.  After i’d finished the track, I went looking to see what other remix’s had been done, and I saw that there was a remix competition for this track a while ago.  So there are plenty out there, but here’s mine.

I used Logic to make this track. I used the EXS24 a lot in this one, as well as a Ultrabeat and the vocals from the original track.

Original Track:

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update and hello.

As I’ve been a bit quiet lately, I thought it might be nice to do a little post update thing.
I’ve been busy writing a new track, a snippet of which has appeared in a few of my you tube videos and my new set. . seems to have had a positive response so I’m working on getting that done and ready to release as a single along with a secret track that i’ve held back from putting online.. but has been very popular live.

I have been fortunate enough to be asked to play a few events over the next week.

  • Firstly Im playing a set at Drawn Recordings All Day event on Bank Holiday Monday 4th June, check out info here.

Its a drawing musicing and pizza eating event followed by another bank holiday we’re all being a bit spoilt arent we.

  • Secondly Im playing a set at a new event by a new team of peeps which im really looking forward to.
    On the 8th of June I’ll be doing an hours set at Timbuk2 for a night put on by Ilkin. Link to the event here.Bringing us a night of fresh contemporary electronic sounds. Ilkin have put on another fantastic line up, at the top of if we have the likes of ELIPHINO. The unbelievable success of his latest ‘somethinksounds’ release has shown that this is set to be a massive year for this young producer.I am very excited to see this night and am so glad to be on the line up with such great artists.
  • Thirdly, 10th of June, Sunday.  The Croft.  My second time at the croft will be a good one, I’ll be in the back room this time allowing a more easy set up of projections.  I’ll be joining these fellows on stage: Vibratronic, Microdeform, Spaces Between.  Tickets £3 advance, available here.

So thats (nearly) it for me for June.  Apart from this I will be doing a radio interview for Ujima FM, as well as a live set on air.. date and link to listen coming soon!

Big up Queenie.

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